Eman (Emmy) Shaheen was born on July 12th, 1982 in Giza, Egypt. She graduated with honor from the faculty of Computer Sciences and Information Technology (2003), Cairo University, Egypt where she also worked as a teaching assistant from 2003 till 2007 with major in Image Processing. Meanwhile, she obtained her Master’s Degree in Video Processing (2007) from Cairo University. In 2008, she joined the team of Medical Physics where she finished with distinction her pre-doctoral studies about mammography and breast cancer (2009) in Biomedical Sciences at the KU Leuven, Belgium. She was granted a PhD scholarship from the OPTIMAM project (UK) in 2010 to develop, simulate and validate 3D models of breast lesions and tools to optimize the performance of breast tomosynthesis. She obtained her doctoral degree in 2014, KU Leuven, Belgium. In the same year, she started working in the department of Maxillo-facial surgery, University hospitals Leuven (Belgium) with Prof. Constantinus Politis as clinical engineer with focus on 3D planning of orthognathic surgeries. Next to the patient related work, she is part of the research group of the OMFSIMPATH (KU Leuven, Belgium) where she supervises students, supports different research projects related to 3D printing and 3D simulations. She is also collaborating with Materialise (Leuven, Belgium) as consultant to improve the CMF software for orthognathic surgeries next to other research related projects.