Lina Van Lint earned her Master's degree in Biomedical Sciences from KU Leuven in 2022. During her master's thesis, she conducted research on the quality of life of patients with oral cancer and explored the potential of smartphone applications in 3D soft tissue scanning of the face.

Currently, Lina is a Ph.D. researcher under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Robin Willaert, Dr. Jeroen Van Dessel, Dr. Michel Bila (all from KU Leuven), and Prof. Dr. Véronique Christiaens (UGent). Her doctoral research focuses on enhancing the quality of life for patients with oral cancer, with a specific emphasis on physical activity, nutrition, facial aesthetics, and speech. Her first publication is Van Lint, L., Christiaens, L., Stroo, V., Bila, M., Willaert, R., Sun, Y., & Van Dessel, J. (2023). Accuracy comparison of 3D face scans obtained by portable stereophotogrammetry and smartphone applications. Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering, 43(5), 550-560., which she presented as a pitch presentation at the IADMFR World Tour Congress in Brussels, Belgium, in July 2023 and as an oral presentation at the 3D Body Tech Conference in Lugano, Switzerland in October 2023.